Monday, November 27, 2006

Danielson comes to Shoreditch

We came, we saw, we ate,
we went to the pub...

Last night, the lovely folks at Grace Church Hackney hosted a free screening of JL Aronson's great documentary Danielson: A Family Movie. Aside from some minor sound difficulties (a bit too loud at the front; a bit too quiet at the back; although it must be said the sound system wasn't as advanced as say, an Odeon cinema multiplex) and the discomfort of sitting on hard-back wooden pews for nearly two hours, I would say it went quite swimmingly.

There were just under 150 in attendance, all of whom seemed fairly excited about the prospect of viewing this film in such a unique setting. I think it went down well. I mean, I didn't go round and do a clipboard survey afterwards, but the general feedback from my friends was positive. The only criticism was the movie felt overly long, some scenes certainly felt unnecessary and perhaps could have been edited out. I'm not sure if the opinion was exacerbated by the aching posteriors but given the fact I'd also seen this in the comfort of my own home (and sofa), I was surprised quite long the movie felt in comparison to the home preview I experienced.

Afterwards, we were all treated to some fantastic looking (and tasting) Danielson gingerbread men decked in traditional nursing garb. No photo of them I'm afraid - I was far too busy eating them...

For those who didn't make the screening, I believe it's coming out on DVD sometime next year. So go on, treat yourself. Otherwise, here's a clip from the movie:

My friends The Daily Growl and Henningham Family Press have also written some sterling words about it, please read them too.

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