Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Danielson: A Family Movie (again)

Many thanks to my friend Reverend War Character for the heads-up on this one...

At long last, the day has come when we can get our eager mitts on a copy of Danielson: A Family Movie on DVD. As great as it was to watch it in the reverent surroundings of a much-loved church, there is something to be cherished being at liberty to watch the film in the relative comforts of home surrounded by books, knitting projects and various indoor flora.

To celebrate the occasion Pitchfork have just posted a long-lost scene here featuring Daniel, Megan, the world's longest sofa, choir outfits and Sufjan someone-or-other. Presumably up until now this snippet of film has spent its days languishing discarded on the cutting room floor of one JL Aronson (Sonny to his friends and Danielson director extraordinaire), hoping to be put to good use.

As far as I can tell it's not being distributed outside of the US. If, like me, you are geographically impeded, head to Amazon who will happily send you one for a fair exchange of cash.

Download: Danielson - Kids Pushing Kids

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