Tuesday, May 01, 2007

A Silver Mount Zion @ Scala

Photo by Matt Durutti (not of last night's show)

Last night I reluctantly dragged myself away from my friends to go solo and see the 131st live show of Thee Silver Mount Zion Orchestra and Tra-La-La Band at The Scala. This is now the second time I'll have seen the Godspeed! side project and in the very same venue as my first encounter. That first gig rates as one of the best live shows I have seen in my life.

It didn't begin particularly well. I got the wrong bus and ended up in Clerkenwell (how could I have got that wrong?) so I turned up late to an already bulging crowd of enthusiasts. The queue was long and slow. Before I even got inside a plucky security person banished my camera to the prison of the box office, so no photo opportunities. Also, having the genetic misfortune of shortness meant I couldn't get a clear view of Ephrim in all his bouffant-madness.

Five minutes into the show, none of that mattered, in fact it all seemed embarrassingly trivial in comparison to the event itself. The troubles of the day paled into insignificance. No words can really do justice to it. I didn't shed tears but I was pretty overwhelmed. Lots of new songs were given an airing. They said they'd be back in London, as long as London was still here. How suitably pessimistic. Never before have I seen such an ardent collection of men look as excited about anything other than the usual football or scantily-attired ladies...

Silver Mount Zion web page
Constellation Records website

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