Monday, August 06, 2007

Not for the faint-hearted

Life has been very busy; it's been an age since the last post but new jobs can throw spanners when you least expect them. I'm going to keep this one short and sweet as interesting sentences are in short supply and the sofa is calling.

Photo by James Mejia

Keeping me sane lately has been Canadian improv electronica noisemakers Holy Fuck. They seem to have a revolving door policy with drummers (Death From Above's Sebastien Grainger for example). They don't really sound like anyone but if pushed, I'd say they have something of Battles about them. Stand-out track by about a bloody mile is Lovely Allen on my DIY CD. Lovely indeed, and full of mind-altering hooks.

Can't summon up the energy to post an MP3 so do yourself a favour, go here and buy it yourself. But maybe hide the record sleeve from your mum if she's easily offended by the word 'Fuck'.

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Paul Murphy said...

Thanks for Holy Fuck recommendation. Listening as I type. Good stuff.